Methodological Aspects for the Development of Information Systems of Unmanned Mobile Vehicles

Sergey Sokolov, Andrey Boguslavsky


In the work there is analyzed a process of developing and arranging information support systems of mobile vehicles with the enhanced autonomous level and fully autonomous. There are reviewed current trends in creating this sort of systems. In order to increase the effectiveness of processes of creating intellectual autopilots it is proposed to introduce into the review the space of similar systems configuration. The space axes are: sensors, models of environment, and algorithmic support. The points of this space are “assemblage points” of particular application systems. The configuration space enables to efficiently resolve the process of creating information support systems with the help of compliance matrixes, evaluate possible options of arranging the particular system. There are proposed solutions on components per each axis of the configuration space. As the basis for mobile means information systems the real time multifunctional vision systems and software-hardware unification is proposed. In terms of the hardware components, there are reviewed, in detail, arrangements of real time vision systems. The construction of external world models is proposed to establish on the interpreting navigation concept. In terms of algorithmic support, the combination of the split-level processing algorithms is proposed to implement based on large-scale frames and unification of software implementations. Examples of using the above-described approaches and solutions are presented.


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