New Co-design Methodology for Real-time Embedded Systems

Ines Ghribi, Riadh Ben Abdallah, Mohamed Khalgui, Marco Platzner


Over the years we are witnessing and ever increasing demand for functionality enhancements in the embedded real-time systems. Along with functionalities, the design itself grows more complex. Posed constraints as time, space bounds and energy consumption also require proper handling. In order to enhance the behaviour of such systems, we have developed the I-codesign, a methodology for modelling, partitioning and simulating embedded real-time systems. The tasks in this methodology are described with a probabilistic manner and characterized with real-time parameters. A new partitioning technique aims at each of its three phases to respect firstly the inclusion/exclusion parameters, secondly energy and memory constraints and finally verifies real-time constraints. The output of I-codesign is an embedded controller that supervises the behaviour of the executing system and schedule the implementation /configurations of the software.


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