Distributed Physical Sensors Network for the Protection of Critical Infrastractures Against Physical Attacks

M. P. Jarabo-Amores, M. Rosa-Zurera, D. de la Mata-Moya, A. Capria, A. L. Saverino, C. Callegari, F. Berizzi, P. Samczynski, K. Kulpa, M. Ummenhofer, H. Kuschel, A. Meta, S. Placidi, K. Lukin, G. D’Amore


The SCOUT project is based on the use of multiple innovative and low impact technologies for the protection of space control ground stations and the satellite links against physical and cyber-attacks, and for intelligent reconfiguration of the ground station network (including the ground node of the satellite link) in the case that one or more nodes fail. The SCOUT sub-system devoted to physical attacks protection, SENSNET, is presented. It is designed as a network of sensor networks that combines DAB and DVB-T based passive radar, noise radar, Ku-band radar, infrared cameras, and RFID technologies. The problem of data link architecture is addressed and the proposed solution described.


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