Categorization and Matching for Drone-based Services

Simona Ibba, Filippo Eros Pani, Alberto buschettu


The exchange of supply and demand in drone-based services would benefit from the shared use of an online platform. Such a platform would need to offer two important opportunities. One is to share the service with other users, and the other is to receive offers from all providers interacting on the platform, who optimize their investments by sharing their own resources and technologies. The purpose of this position paper is to propose a categorization and matching algorithm on which to base this platform. The platform will aim to facilitate the sharing of services provided through the use of drones. The algorithm will match demand and offer, and will evolve through the use and the application of all participants (operators, users, lenders of shared resources). The platform, currently in development, could be the first web-based system in Europe to offer this model.


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