Cross-System Process Mining using RFID Technology

Christian Glaschke, Norbert Gronau, Benedict Bender


In times of digitalization, the collection and modeling of business processes is still a challenge for companies. The demand for trustworthy process models that reflect the actual execution steps therefore increases. The respective kinds of processes significantly determine both, business process analysis and the conception of future target processes and they are the starting point for any kind of change initiatives. Existing approaches to model as-is processes, like process mining, are exclusively focused on reconstruction. Therefore, transactional protocols and limited data from a single application system are used. Heterogeneous application landscapes and business processes that are executed across multiple application systems, on the contrary, are one of the main challenges in process mining research. Using RFID technology is hence one approach to close the existing gap between different application systems. This paper focuses on methods for data collection from real world objects via RFID technology and possible combinations with application data (process mining) in order to realize a cross system mining approach.


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