The Improved Harris Operator based on Steerable Filter

Lin Zhang, Jinfeng Lu, Jing Wang, Yangyu Wu, Zijuan Jiang


The conventional Harris corner detection operator is improved to enhance the missing rate and the detection capability of false corners in this paper. With the materials recognition on automated logistics and packaging line as an example, the acquired images were firstly pretreated to achieve the grayscale images. The rotations of four different angles were performed by the steerable filter based on the grayscale and the corner points were detected. Finally the authenticity corner points were determined through the integrated logic operations. The image data pre-processed was detected using the improved Harris corner operator and compared with the data by the traditional corner detection operator. The false detection rate was decreased to 1.3 % and the missing rate reduced to 2.9% in the experiment. The results show that the improved operator has a strong capability of discerning authenticity angular point and this method can effectively improve the recognition accuracy of corner detection operator.


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