Traffic Statistics of a High-Bandwidth Tor Exit Node

Michael Sonntag, René Mayrhofer


The Tor anonymization network supports (and is widely used for) circumventing censorship, evading intrusive mass-surveillance, and generally protecting privacy of Internet users. However, it also carries traffic that is illegal in various jurisdictions. It is still an open question how to deal with such illegal traffic in the Tor network, balancing the fundamental human right for privacy with the need for assisting executive forces. By operating and monitoring a high-bandwidth Tor exit node as both a technical and legal experiment, we statistically analyse where popular servers are located and how they are used based on connection metadata of actual exit node usage. Through this we identify inter alia that cooperation only in comparatively few countries would be needed – or any illegal use would be very small. In this paper, we provide more in-depth statistical insight into Tor exit node traffic than previously publicly available.


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