Distribution Data Across Multiple Cloud Storage using Reinforcement Learning Method

Abdullah Algarni, Daniel Kudenko


Storing data on a single cloud storage service may cause several potential problems for the data owner such as service continuity, availability, performance, security, and the risk of vendor lock-in. A promising solution to tackle some of these issues is to distribute the data across multiple cloud storage services (MCSS). However, the distinguishing characteristics of different cloud providers, in terms of pricing schemes and service performance, make it difficult to optimise the cost and the performance concurrently on MCSS. This paper proposes a framework for automatically tuning the data distribution policies across MCSS from the client side based on file access patterns. The aim of this work is to optimise the average cost and the average service performance (mainly latency time) on MCSS. To achieve this goal, two different machine learning algorithms are used in this work: (1) supervised learning to predict file access patterns, and (2) reinforcement learning to control data distribution parameters based on the prediction of file access pattern. The framework was tested on a cloud storage emulator, where its was set to act like several common cloud storage services. The result of testing this framework shows a significant improvement in the cost and performance of storing data in multiple clouds, as compared to the commonly used uniform file distribution.


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