Poke-R - Using Analytics to Reduce Patient

James P. McGlothlin, Evan Crawford, Jesse Wyatt, Carlos Samayoa, Yana Vaks, Brenda Bruneau, Merrick Lopez, Anthony Moretti, Michele Wilson, James Pappas


Major events and surgeries are not the only sources of trauma during a hospital encounter. Many small, less invasive events such as shots, line placements, blood draws, and imaging studies happen throughout a patient’s hospital stay. Many of these less traumatic events have the potential to negatively impact patient outcomes by increasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections through skin invasions and exposure to organisms, reducing the patient experience by causing pain and frustration, increasing cost and causing other complications. The goal of this project is to reduce such events when they are not clinically required. This is an analytics project so this goal is facilitated by making accurate and meaningful information available to the appropriate personnel. This includes timely information to clinicians so they can alter treatment, and retrospective trend analysis to enable and track performance improvement and identify opportunities for additional process improvement.


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