Augmenting Guideline-based CDSS with Experts’ Knowledge

Nekane Larburu, Naiara Muro, Iván Macía, Eider Sánchez, Hui Wang, John Winder, Jacques Boaud, Brigitte Séroussi


Over the past years, clinical guidelines have increasingly become part of the clinical daily practice in order to provide best available Evidence-Based-Medicine services. Hence, their formalization as computer interpretable guidelines (CIG) and their implementation in clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) are emerging to support clinicians in their decision making process and potentially improve medical outcomes. However, guideline compliancy in the clinical daily practice is still “low”. Some of the reasons for such low compliance rate are (i) lack of a complete guideline to cover special clinical cases (e.g. oncogeriatric cases), (ii) absence of parameters that current guidelines do not consider (e.g. lifestyle) and (iii) absence of up-to-date guidelines due to lengthy validation procedures. In this paper we present a novel method to build a CDSS that, besides integrating CIGs, stores experts’ knowledge to enrich the CDSS and provide best support to clinicians. The knowledge includes new evidence collected over time by the systematic usage of CDSSs.


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