Modelling Agile Requirements using Context-based Persona Stories

Jorge Sedeño, Eva-Maria Schön, Carlos Torrecilla-Salinas, Jörg Thomaschewski, Maria José Escalona, Manuel Mejías


In recent years hybrid approaches focusing on user needs by integrating Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban or Extreme Programming) with Human-Centered Design (HCD) have proven to be particularly suitable for the development of Web systems. On the one hand, HCD techniques are used for requirements elicitation and, on the other hand, they can be utilized to elicit navigation relationships in Web projects. Navigation is one of the basic pillars of Web systems and also a fundamental element for the methodologies within the Model-Driven Web Engineering (MDWE) field. This paper presents an approach to model Agile requirements by means of integrating HCD techniques into Agile software development. We contribute to the software development body of knowledge by creating the concept of a Context-based Persona Story (CBPS) and formalizing it through a metamodel. Our approach covers the modelling of users and stakeholders by personas as well as the visualization of the context of use by storyboards. The attributes of the context of use enable us to elicit acceptance criteria for describing the scope of an Agile requirement.


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