A Revisit to Web Browsing on Wearable Devices

Jinwoo Song, Hyunjune Kim, Ming Jin, Honguk Woo


Wearable devices and smartwatches have become prevalent in recent years, yet consuming web contents on those devices are not common mainly due to their restricted IO capabilities. In this paper, we revisit the web browser model and propose the notion of fast access browsing that incorporates the lightweight, always-on web snippets, namely widget view, into web applications. This allows smartwatch users to rapidly access web contents (i.e., within 200ms) similarly as they interact with notification. To do so, we analyse about 90 smartwatch applications, identify the quick preview pattern, and then define the constrained web specifications for smartwatches. Our implementation, the wearable device toolkit for fast access browsing, is now being tested and deployed on commercialized products and the developer tool for building widget view enabled web applications will be soon available as the smartwatch SDK extensions.


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