Data Warehouse MFRJ Query Execution Model for MapReduce

Aleksey Burdakov, Uriy Grigorev, Victoria Proletarskaya, Artem Ustimov


The growing number of MapReduce applications makes the Data Warehouse access time estimating an important task. The problem is that processing of large data requires significant time that may exceed the required thresholds. Fixing these problems discovered at the system operations stage is very costly. That is why it is beneficial to estimate the data processing time for peak loads at the design stage, i.e. before the MapReduce tasks implementation. This allows making timely design decisions. In this case mathematical models serve as an unreplaceable analytical instrument. This paper provides an overview of the n-dimensional MapReduce-based Data Warehouse Multi-Fragment-Replication Join (MFRJ) access method. It analyzes MapReduce workflow, and develops an analytical model that estimates Data Warehouse query execution average time. The modeling results allow a system designer to provide recommendations on the technical parameters of the query execution environment, Data Warehouse and the query itself. This is important in cases where there are restrictions imposed on the query execution time. The experiment preparation and execution in a cloud environment for model adequacy analysis are evaluated and described.


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