Evaluating the Memorability and Readability of Micro-filter Visualisations

Gerwald Tschinkel, Vedran Sabol


When using classical search engines, researchers are often confronted with a number of results far beyond what they can realistically manage to read; when this happens, recommender systems can help, by pointing users to the most valuable sources of information. In the course of a long-term research project, research into one area can extend over several days, weeks, or even months. Interruptions are unavoidable, and, when multiple team members have to discuss the status of a project, it’s important to be able to communicate the current research status easily and accurately. Multiple type-specific interactive views can help users identify the results most relevant to their focus of interest. Our recommendation dashboard uses micro-filter visualizations intended to improve the experience of working with multiple active filters, allowing researchers to maintain an overview of their progress. Within this paper, we carry out an evaluation of whether micro-visualizations help to increase the memorability and readability of active filters in comparison to textual filters. Five tasks, quantitative and qualitative questions, and the separate view on the different visualisation types enabled us to gain insights on how micro-visualisations behave and will be discussed throughout the paper.


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