Internet of Things - The Power of the IoT Platform

Thomas Ochs, Ute Riemann


According to Forbes Magazine (August 18, 2014), the Internet of Things (IoT) takes over Big Data as the most hyped technology. As already well-known the IoT can be characterized by its elements and paradigms (Atzori et al, 2010). The tight integration of the physical and digital worlds enables companies using sensors, software, machine-to-machine learning and other technologies to gather and analyse data from physical objects or other large data streams and sharing this information across platforms in order to develop a common operating picture. (Gubi et al, 2013). If we look towards the promising value IoT is an umbrella for covering various value aspects related operational excellence and new business opportunities (Xiaocong & Jidong, 2010). Having stated that, we would like to focus on the envisions of an IoT value in which digital and physical entities are linked, by means of a single IT platform to enable a whole new class of products and services (Bröring et al, 2017). We believe that once issues such as the security issue are covered, a single and comprehensive IoT IT platform is THE unique element serving not only as an enabler for an IoT ecosystem (Bröring et al, 2017) but combines two previously separated worlds: it expands the value reach of the IoT for process excellence as well as for new business opportunities and new intelligent products.


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