Cooperative Communication Network for Adaptive Truck Platooning

Razvan Andrei Gheorghiu, Valentin Iordache, Angel Ciprian Cormos


Truck platooning represents a solution to increase energy efficiency of the freight road transport. This method assumes very little distance between trucks so that overall aerodynamic quotient is improved. However, this requires a specific and dedicated infrastructure, due to the fact that the total length of the convoy may be considerable, which has a negative impact on the general traffic: other vehicles need a lot of space (and time) to overtake the platoon and this can only be done on highways with more than two lanes / direction. This means that in most cases (national roads and less wide highways) platoons cannot be formed and this method cannot be implemented. To resolve this situation, in this article we have proposed a solution for dynamic platoon formation, based on vehicle-to-vehicle communications, that will allow other vehicles to gradually overtake the vehicles forming the platoon. For this, a communication technology proposal has been made to ensure the identification of vehicles that are obstructed by the platoon. We have also made a series of laboratory measurements to test the validity of the proposed solution and, in the end, presented our conclusions.


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