Semantic Mutation Test to OWL Ontologies

Alex Mateus Porn, Leticia Mara Peres


Ontologies are structures used to represent a specific knowledge domain. There is not a right way of defining an ontology, because its definition depends on its purpose, domain, abstraction level and a number of ontology engineer choices. Therefore, a domain can be represented by distinct ontologies in distinct structures and, consequently, they can have distinct results when classifying and querying information. In light of this, faults can be accidentally inserted during its development, causing unexpected results. In this context, we propose semantic mutation operators and apply a semantic mutation test method to OWL ontologies. Our objective is to reveal semantic fault caused by poor axiom definition automatically generating test data. Our method showed semantic errors which occurred in OWL ontology constraints. Eight semantic mutation operators were used and we observe that is necessary to generate new semantic mutation operators to address all OWL language features.


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