GenesLove.Me: A Model-based Web-application for Direct-to-consumer Genetic Tests

José Fabián Reyes Román, Carlos Iñiguez-Jarrín, Óscar Pastor López


The objective of this work was to enhance personalized medicine through the development and implementation of Genomic Information Systems (GeIS). For this, a web application called “GenesLove.Me” (GLM) was developed to provide direct-to-consumer genetic tests (DCGT). This paper focuses on the development of the business processes (BPMN) and a conceptual model (CM) for GLM, designed to analyze and improve the processes involved in this type of service and provide a model-based platform to manage genetic diagnoses in a scalable, secure and reliable way. Software Engineering (SE) approaches applied to the genomic context play a key role in the advancement of personalized and precision medicine.


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