A Holistic View of the IoT Process from Sensors to the Business Value

Ateeq Khan, Matthias Pohl, Sascha Bosse, Stefan Willi Hart, Klaus Turowski


Internet of things (IoT) is the focus of research, and industries are investing heavily due to potential benefits of IoT in various fields. This paper provides a holistic view of different phases in IoT covering all phases from sensor data collection to the generation of business value. In this paper, we propose to use the proven Six Sigma methodology for IoT projects. We describe each phase using a structured approach. We discuss the consequences of each phase while selecting the phase as an entry or starting point. We use predictive maintenance as a use case to demonstrate the practicability of our IoT process. Using these insights, IoT project managers can identify required activities and competencies to increase success probability. In the end, we summarise the paper findings and highlight the future work.


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