Decentralized Content Trust for Docker Images

Quanqing Xu, Chao Jin, Mohamed Faruq Bin Mohamed Rasid, Bharadwaj Veeravalli, Khin Mi Mi Aung


Default Docker installation does not verify an image authenticity. Authentication is vital for users to trust that the image is not malicious or tampered with. As Docker is currently a popular choice for developers, tightening its security is a priority for system administrators and DevOps engineers. Docker recently deployed Notary that is a solution to verify authenticity of their images. Notary is a viable solution, but it has some drawbacks. This paper specifically addresses its vulnerability towards Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, the repercussions, and discuss two potential solutions. The proposed solutions involve decentralising the trust via either a BitTorrent-like protocol or a modified blockchain. The solutions greatly reduce the risk of DoS and at the same time provide a trustless signature verification service for Docker. The solutions could also possibly be repackaged for similar use cases on other technologies. We demonstrate the proposed blockchain-based solution’s scalability and efficiency by conducting performance evaluation.


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