Study on Biological Active Components of Eurycoma Longifolia

Nik Nur Shamiha, Siti Shukriyah, Ryuichiro S., Yoshiaki S., Jiyauddin Khan, Ibrahim A., Mohd Nizam, Mohd Fadli Asmani, Eddy Yusuf


Background and aims: Constant hyperglycemia in diabetic patient may lead to excess glycation and thus is believed to cause diabetic complications. Eurycoma longifolia (Simaroubaceae) is tested for inhibitory activity of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) formation in vitro. Materials and methods: Three concentration of methanolic extract were tested together with bovine serum albumin in anti-CML antibody. HRP- conjugated anti-mouse IgG antibodies were introduced and sample were reacted with phenyldiamine dihydrochloride. Absorbance were read by using micro ELISA and percentage of inhibition were calculated. Results: The calculated percentage of AGEs formation inhibition by E. longifolia root are -3.62 % (0.1 mg/mL), 58.38 % (1 mg/mL) and 92.28 % (10 mg/mL) as compared to aminoguanidine 5.55 % (0.1 mg/mL), 39.32 % (1 mg/mL), 72.92 % (10 mg/mL) as referring to the concentration. Since the biological activity was tested on the whole methanolic extract, the activity is suggested to be due to synergistic activity of the extract. Conclusion: New biological activity of E. longifolia methanolic extract which is inhibition of AGEs formation in vitro is seen. However, isolation of Fr.8-2, m/z:381 does not lead to any compound isolated related to the plant


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Shamiha N., Shukriyah S., S. R., S. Y., Khan J., A. I., Nizam M., Asmani M. and Yusuf E. (2018). Study on Biological Active Components of Eurycoma Longifolia.In Proceedings of BROMO Conference - Volume 1: BROMO, ISBN 978-989-758-347-6, pages 305-309. DOI: 10.5220/0008361803050309

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