The Application of Knowledge Management to Overcome Barriers to Enterprise Architecture Adoption: A South African Motor Vehicle and Asset Finance Case Study

Innocent Gumede, J. van Deventer, Hanlie Smuts, Joyce Jordaan


Information Technology (IT) enables an organisation to gain competitive advantage by exploiting new opportunities and capabilities offered by evolving technologies. Therefore, it is required to holistically align IT strategy with organisational strategy, and Enterprise Architecture (EA) is considered as a means to achieve such alignment. However, EA adoption is impacted by many organizational barriers and in particular organisational culture factors. Knowledge Management (KM) is a candidate to address these organisational culture issues. Therefore, the purpose of this study, was to understand the barriers to EA adoption, as well as the KM interventions likely to increase the success of EA initiatives. The study was conducted in the South African motor vehicle and asset finance industry and the lack of understanding the purpose of EA, as well as employees not actively participating in the development of EA, were identified as major barriers. The KM interventions identified to be effective in overcoming the barriers pointed to the promotion of knowledge sharing between employees and the EA team, and the increased involvement of EA stakeholders and users in EA development. By considering the research findings, organisations may apply KM, in overcoming barriers that prevent the successful implementation of EA initiatives.


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