Future CMS for e-Business: Will Microservices and Containerization Change the Game?

Carina Landerer, Philipp Brune


Content Management Systems (CMS) are widely adopted commodity applications today. Well-established implementations exist since many years, both commercial and Open Source, e.g. WordPress or Drupal. In consequence, research on CMS has strongly declined since its peak more than a decade ago. However, in recent years new trends for building and running large-scale web applications emerged, such as Node.js, microservice architectures and containerization, while most established CMS still use a traditional monolithic architecture. This rises the question how these emerging new technologies will challenge those established CMS implementations. Therefore, in this paper a microservice architecture for an examplified e-business CMS is proposed, and a Proof-of-Concept implementation is described. The approach is evaluated with respect to its feasibility using a qualitative empirical study. Results indicate that the approach is well-suited for building more state-of-the-art CMS in the near future, which are likely to challenge the position of the traditional monolithic implementations.


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