Full Stack Web Development Teaching: Current Status and a New Proposal

Anna Petrikoglou, Theodore H. Kaskalis


The main purpose of this effort is to present a brand-new environment for practising some of the most broadly used – both client- and server-side – web technologies. It is about a web-based, access-free, educational platform, which provides a user-friendly interface, illustrative graphics and supporting material, as well. Full stack development platforms are rarely met online, as most of them are usually oriented towards either front- or backend development and focus on specific programming languages without offering an overview of actual, integrated projects. This research also involves evaluating existing teaching methods, scanning and comparing some of the most popular, educational web platforms and, furthermore, discovering simple techniques and efficient approaches to reach valuable programming resources for both students and self-learners. The paper places particular emphasis on the recognition of the applications’ key features and the variety of programming tools that promote learning and skill enhancement. Moreover, it discusses the roles of tutors and learners, while suggesting a learning path for novice developers. Given the fact that computer science courses often require exceptional practices, this study aims at encouraging active, self-motivated and self-paced learning.


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