A Real-time Vital Data Collection System for a Group of Persons during a Variety of Sporting Activities in a Large Outdoor Ground

Shinsuke Hara, Takunori Shimazaki, Takuma Hamagami, Yasutaka Kawamoto, Hiroyuki Yomo, Ryusuke Miyamoto, Hiroyuki Okuhata, Fumie Ono


We have been developing a wireless vital data collection system named “AccuWiSe,” which is workable for a group of persons during a variety of sporting activities in a large outdoor ground in real-time and reliably. Using the second-prototype system, we have conducted an experiment on the 6th of March 2019, where involving 50 subjects, we have successfully collected vital data from 18 subjects making a variety of sporting activities in a sports ground with size of 60m×90m, in data collection rate of 94.9%, once in 2sec regularly, and for 45min continuously. This paper introduces AccuWiSe and demonstrates the experimental results.


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