A Knowledge Chunk Reuse Support Tool based on Heterogeneous Ontologies

Takeshi Morita, Naoya Takahashi, Mizuki Kosuda, Takahira Yamaguchi


To develop service robot applications, it is necessary to acquire domain expert knowledge and develop the applications based on the knowledge. However, since, currently, many of these applications have been developed by engineers using the middleware for robots, the domain expert knowledge is embedded in the codes and is difficult to reuse. Therefore, it is considered necessary to have a tool that supports the development of the applications based on machine-readable knowledge of domain experts. We also believe that the machine-readable knowledge can be reused not only for service robots but also for novices in the domain. To address the problems, this paper proposes a knowledge chunk (KC) reuse support tool based on heterogeneous ontologies. In this study, the parts of the reusable workflow, indexes required for a search, and a movie recording of robots movement based on the parts of the workflow are collectively known as a KC. Using the framework of case-based reasoning, the proposed tool accumulates parts of reusable workflows as case examples based on heterogeneous ontologies and facilitates search and reuse of KCs. It promotes domain expert knowledge acquisition and supports novices to learn the knowledge. As a case study, we have applied the proposed tool to teaching assistant (TA) robots. Two public elementary school teachers created workflows for TA robots using the proposed tool, and each teacher conducted a lesson with TA robots once. Through questionnaires given to the teacher, the proposed tool and TA robot application were evaluated to confirm their usefulness.


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