Knowledge Requirements for Sustainable Smart Service Design

Jesus Cedeño, Lea Hannola, Ville Ojanen


Recent research have addressed the topic of smart services from distinct angles, covering both technical and business aspects. However, a holistic approach in development processes of such services have yet to be fully covered. Therefore, this paper proposes an elicitation of requirements process as the initial step of a smart service design approach. The process takes information and knowledge needs as its core element for development, also considering customer centricity, service lifecycle, and sustainability concerns. A text mining tool was used to discover the unknown knowledge requirements from different text-data sources presented in a case ecosystem. After a co-occurrence analysis performed by our text mining software, we extracted the most relevant natural linguistic elements, which are expressed as knowledge requirements. The proposed elicitation process aims to lay the foundations for further propositions with a holistic point of view. Future research could aim the application of other technologies and methods for service design, as well as a broader approach in business processes and interdisciplinary cooperation.


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