Ontological Integration of Semantics and Domain Knowledge in Energy Scenario Co-simulation

Jan Schwarz, Sebastian Lehnhoff


The transition of the power system to more decentralized power plants and intelligent devices in a smart grid leads to a significant rise in complexity. For testing new technologies before their implementation in the field co-simulation is an important approach, which allows to couple diverse simulation models from different domains. In the planning and evaluation of co-simulation scenarios experts from different domains have to collaborate. To assist the stakeholder in this process, we propose to integrate on the one hand semantics of simulation models and exchanged data and on the other hand domain knowledge in the planning, execution, and evaluation of interdisciplinary co-simulation based on ontologies. This approach aims to allow the high-level planning of simulation and the seamless integration of its information to simulation scenario specification, execution and evaluation. Thus, our approach intents to improve the usability of large-scale interdisciplinary co-simulation scenarios.


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