Enterprise Transformation Management based on Enterprise Engineering Approach with Unified Enterprise Transformation Dimensions

Shoji Konno, Junichi Iijima


In the enterprise transformation (ET), there are so many ideal models, blueprints and situations. The ideal pictures are provided by practitioners and researchers one picture by one change is predicted or occurs on the business environment, for example, “digital enterprise transformation” by “business model at digital age”, etc. Indeed, a variety of approaches were proposed in the literature. On the other hand, under our literature survey, existing management frameworks are addressing one specific perspective of enterprise management and focusing on one kind of measurement. There is no significant adoption in the state of the enterprise transformation management systems based on the relationship between architecture and transformation practices yet. The goal of this work is, therefore, to propose a holistic management framework to support the transformation based on enterprise engineering. All the dimensions, analysis perspectives, impact analysis of those change practices together support among adaptable enterprise architecture world and real transformation world. It aims to enable the framework to be used in state-of-the-art enterprise change environments.


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