Fuzzy-Based Recommendation System for University Major Selection

Shaima Alghamdi, Nada Alzhrani, Haneen Algethami


The decision of choosing a university major is one of the most important decisions in every adult life. To make a suitable decision, a student needs an expert opinion, time, and effort. Therefore, a decision-making system should be developed in order to help prospective students to increase their educational outcome and productivity. In Saudi Arabia, each university requires specific criteria in order to accept students. These criteria are made based on two factors: 1) the outcome of student’s qualification exams and 2) overall high school grades. The student must take these calculations into consideration when selecting a major. Thus, in this paper, a Fuzzy-Based Recommendation System (FRS) is proposed to aid students in choosing a suitable major. This system designed using Fuzzy Expert System (FES). Additionally, a cluster-based preferences technique is implemented to obtain the student's preferred majors, using distance measurement. The system has been tested on fifteen prospective students to measure its accessibility. Results showed that students are stratified by the suggested majors that fell in line with their preferences.


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