Evaluation of the Performance of Information Systems Implemented at the University of Tripoli, Libya

Tareq Almigheerbi, David Ramsey, Anna Lamek


Evaluating the performance of information systems (ISs) has emerged from the increasing influence of information technology on the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes in an organization (Bryman and Bell 2007). The aim of the overall study is to overcome a lack in the literature regarding the assessment of information systems (IS) in Libyan Higher Education (LHE), especially universities. The aim of this initial article is to focus on the University of Tripoli (UOT), a study that will be extended to other Libyan public universities. A description of the study, its significance and objectives and the methodology followed are presented, together with an analysis of the findings on the basis of appropriately chosen models. Finally, we assess the current level of ISs implemented in UOT by analyzing the findings based on these models.


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