InnoDeck: Card based Innovation Support - A Modular Human-Centered Approach to Facilitate Innovation Workshops

Harriet Kasper, Monika Kochanowski, Verena Pohl


Innovation drives economic growth and today innovation workshops are widely used to create new products, production methods etc. The InnoDeck is a low-tech knowledge management concept for information that is relevant for the facilitation of innovation workshops. In this context, InnoDeck is a tool for information sharing and organizational learning. It consists of two-sided self-contained cards that provide either methodological or inspirational content. Facilitators can choose a subset of cards for their design thinking project. The InnoDeck is human-centered because the main focus of each card is to be a quick read, easy to grasp and memorable. It not only engages its users but also is highly participatory. Everyone is encouraged to add cards to the expandable accumulative card deck. The concept has been developed, used and evaluated within a network of insurance companies and has proven to be beneficial for creating an innovation culture within these companies.


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