A Study on Legibility with Pairwise Comparison in Simultaneous Multilingual Display on Digital Signage

Takashi Kurushima, Yoshiki Sakamoto, Kimi Ueda, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Rika Mochizuki, Masahiro Watanabe


Recently, digital signages are widely utilized to provide information for tourists in plural languages, but it takes longer time to offer information in each language separately. Although simultaneous multilingual display is expected to reduce the time for presentation, there is no guideline for simultaneous multilingual display to keep its legibility. In order to estimate the effect of layout on legibility, the authors prepared contents which have different layout factors and conducted evaluated the legibility of contents with Thurstone’s pairwise comparison. Since the number of combinations in layout factors increases exponentially, the number of stimuli was reduced using an orthogonal table. As a result, significant differences were found in some layout factors and it was found that horizontal arrangement of images and sentences, left alignment in sentences, middle margin from screen edge and medium-sized images made contents more legible.


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