Rethinking Strategies of Hackathons to Increase Team’s Creativity: Findings of a Qualitative Research

Nelson Tenório, Gisele Lourenço, Mariana Oliveira, Steffi Becker, Fabrício Bernardelli, Hassan Atifi, Nada Matta


Hackathons are events that have become increasingly common around the world. This kind of event, described as a programming marathon, is based on problem-solving that can go beyond the technological boundary. This paper presents the findings of an international hackathon to aid its organizers to rethink their strategies to improve the development of the team’s creativity to solve the challenge proposed. The paper summarizes qualitative research based on interviews and observations which point out that the organizers should consider strategies to improve knowledge application, resolving conflicts, individual learning, and experienced emotions, during pre-hackathon as well as post-hackathon events. Our findings could leverage the innovation, creativity, and knowledge sharing and creation within hackathons.


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