Security for Low-end Automotive Sensors: A Tire-pressure and Rain-light Sensors Case Study

Adrian Musuroi, Bogdan Groza, Stefan Murvay, Horatiu Gurban


In recent years, the security of in-vehicle buses and components has been extensively addressed, but only a few research works considered the security of low-end in-vehicle sensors. The main problem in addressing such components stems from the numerous constraints, both in terms of computational power, since most sensors are equipped with low-speed 8 bit controllers, and low bandwidth. In this work we use as a case study a tire-pressure sensor and a rain-light sensor. The first communicates over radio-frequency while the second uses a low-speed in-vehicle bus, both interfaces having a very low bandwidth and reduced packet size of only 64 bits. Under these constraints we discuss the design of a cryptographic security protocol based on an existing lightweight block cipher in order to assure both security and privacy objectives.


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