Extended Possibilistic Fuzzification for Classification

Robert Nowicki, Janusz Starczewski, Rafał Grycuk


In this paper, the extended possibilistic fuzzification for classification is proposed. Similar approach with the use of fuzzy–rough fuzzification (Nowicki and Starczewski, 2017; Nowicki, 2019) allows to obtain one of three decisions, i.e. ”yes”, ”no”, and ”I do not know”, The last label occurs when input information is imprecise, incomplete or in general uncertain, and consequently, determining the unequivocal decision is impossible. We extend three-way decision (Hu et al., 2017; Liu et al., 2016; Sun et al., 2017; Yao, 2010; Yao, 2011) into four-way decision by extending possibilistic fuzzification to the three–dimensional possibility and necessity measures of fuzzy events.


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