Luminance and Color Correction for Display Stitching in Semi-Cave Virtual Reality

Dariusz Sawicki, Łukasz Izdebski, Agnieszka Wolska, Mariusz Wisełka


The most spectacular example of a virtual reality (VR) environment is Cave (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). Image stitching is an essential problem encountered in displaying images in the Cave VR. We analyzed this problem in the Semi-Cave installation, a low-budget representative of the Cave VR. Seamless stitching of displayed images requires two independent tasks: geometrical correction and color/luminance correction. The aim of this work is to present the main aspects and the methods used for color/luminance correction for seamless stitching of displayed images in the Semi-Cave installation. The proposed procedure and the software developed for color correction of images were tested and verified. The final effect of displaying stitched images was subjectively assessed. The impression of immersion into the Semi-Cave VR was sensed by subjects, and in this way, the correctness of the proposed method was confirmed.


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