Principles of 3D Web-collections Visualization

I. N. Sobolevskaya, A. N. Sotnikov


The paper introduces to approaches to solving the problem of creating realistic interactive 3D-web collections of museum exhibits. The article deals with the representation of 3D-models objects based on oriented polygonal structures and methods for 3D-models development based on photogrammetry, interactive videos, and editable surface method. The evaluation of the computational complexity of constructing realistic 3D-models is analyzed too. The calculation results for real museum exhibits are given. The paper describes approaches to the formation of digital collections in the integration environment of the digital library. One of the ways to form a multifunctional information resource is proposed as an effective solution to the problem of presenting digital collections of various memory institutions to general public users. One of such methods of forming a multifunctional information resource is implemented in the form of a virtual exhibition. The format of virtual exhibitions allows combining the resources of partners to provide general public users of collections stored in a museum, archive and library collections.


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