PoloTrac: A Water Polo Tracking and Advanced Statistics Application

Nathan Verlin, Joey Gullikson, John Mayberry, Daniel Cliburn


PoloTrac is an iOS mobile application designed to allow coaches, players, and spectators to record water polo game events as they happen in real-time. PoloTrac contains features of a standard score-keeping application (such as a functioning scoreboard, clock, and foul counter), however, PoloTrac also calculates and produces post-game reports that provide advanced statistical output. This is accomplished by allowing the user to input the location, type, tactic, and outcome of every shot attempted during a match. These reports are intended to aid in determining player performance, team performance and the effectiveness of certain strategical methods on scoring goals. While PoloTrac contains features recommended by top collegiate water polo coaches, these features are designed to be accessible to users from all areas of water polo (from amateur to professional).


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