Towards a Toolbox for Intercultural User Interface Design

Rüdiger Heimgärtner


In this paper, a method-mix (cultural dimensions, intercultural variables, user interface characteristics and human computer interaction (HCI) dimensions) for intercultural user interface design (IUID) is presented. Based on a hybrid approach covering cultural contexts in human–computer interaction (HCI) design using a model of culturally influenced HCI, this IUID method-mix represents the main constituent of a reasonable toolbox for IUID. The IUID method-mix is exemplified by application examples to demonstrate and discuss its benefit and limitations. The examples elucidate why and how cultural aspects play a role in HCI design and usability/UX engineering. Cultural influence on HCI is described using cultural variables for user interface design. The IUID method-mix serves to inspire HCI engineers in the requirement analysis phase as well as HCI designers in the design phase. The readers are sensitized to the challenges of intercultural usability/UX engineering and intercultural HCI design and will be equipped with relevant methodological knowledge needed to actively derive design recommendations for user interface design for and in their desired cultural contexts. Practitioners can prognosticate the ensuing effort and the expenditure for considering cultural context in intercultural user interface design.


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