Noospheric Way of Organizing Knowledge in the Knowledge Bases of Innovate Importance

Yurii Pikalov


A major part of the flow of new knowledge is knowledge about facts. Its value is inversely proportional to the increasing amount. It can be enhanced by the way of conceptualization of knowledge, developing and applying the innovative ways of its organization. It is suggested to use the way of organizing knowledge based on the model of cognition of objects as spheres of phenomena; convergence of the sphere of natural and conscious phenomena, models of phylogenesis (Paradigm Innovative Development) and ontogenesis (Vertical Integration and Parabola of Knowledge) of knowledge as well as based on the paradigm of the ontology of sign constructions. The above-listed tools have been obtained as a result of studies of M.V. Polyakov’s scientific school, and they have been adapted by the author of the paper to develop architecture of the knowledge bases functioning as a part of innovative systems of venture enterprises.


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