Towards Improving Knowledge Capitalization System for Sport Events Legacy

Malika Grim-Yefsah, Benedicte Bucher


Knowledge Management is a way to answer the problem of capitalizing on the companies’ knowledge. Knowing that hosting sports events (SE) requires organizers to learn from past events to not repeat mistakes, we examine knowledge management in a sport events legacy (SEL). Thus, in this paper, we propose in first, two conceptual models based on UML; one for the SE, another for SEL. Secondly, we propose a system to manage SEL to assist in the process of data acquisition and capitalization on SE knowledge. This system helps to create an open collaborative platform for consultation, visualization of the spinoffs of sport events. It is intended to be used by public policies, territories, journalists, citizens, historians and all others. We propose also to take into account the spatiotemporal aspects of SE.


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