Models and Capabilities for Supporting Transformation based on Enterprise Dimensions with Enterprise Engineering

Shoji Konno, Junichi Iijima


In response to changes in the environment surrounding an enterprise, many occasional To-Be models like IT Governance models and IT service management models have been proposed. Recently, digital enterprise model has attracted attention. The concepts, frameworks, and methodologies dealing with the enterprise have also changed in response to the movement. While we are leading enterprises to the transformation to the To-Be model and/or ambitious picture from various perspectives, and it is difficult to promote transformations that maintain interoperability across them, while viewing the enterprise from various perspectives. It seems that we are working on the closed framework of individual frameworks and methodologies that deal with the same enterprise. The purpose of this position paper is to propose the commonly available dimensions related to the enterprise and ET-CMF. The mechanism will aim to analyze the influence of the change based on those dimensions collaborate with the concept of enterprise engineering on enterprise transformation as connectors. The mechanism, currently in development, could be a holistic management framework to support the transformation by using Enterprise Engineering.


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