Open Source Business Intelligence Tools: Metabase and Redash

Bruno Santos, Francisco Sério, Steven Abrantes, Filipe Sá, Jorge Loureiro, Cristina Wanzeler, Pedro Martins


This electronic document is an article that explores the capabilities of Business Intelligence tools, primarily their ability to analyze generated business data gathered from a company. These corporations can improve (or even create) their products according to the insights provided by these platforms, with the possibility of outclassing their direct competitors, something to be proved crucial for an ever-evolving market. In this article, we have tested and compared two of the most promising open-source BI platforms currently available: these are Metabase and Redash. Our focus is to analyze what they offer as a package, where we defined some key points, such as: overall performance, search engine compatibility, key features, etc. May we remind that the implementation of a platform of choice, concerning BI software, may vary according to company demands. Some tools may be more suitable for a corporation, while others may be the best choice for a different entity.


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