A Flexible Schema for Document Oriented Database (SDOD)

Shady Hamouda, Zurinahni Zainol, Mohammed Anbar


Big data is emerging as one of the most important crucial issues in the modern world. Most studies mention that a relational database cannot handle big data. This challenge has led to the presentation of the not only structured query language (NoSQL) database as a new concept of database technology. NoSQL supports large volumes of data by providing a mechanism for data storage, retrieval and more flexible than a relational database. One of the most powerful types of NoSQL database is the document-oriented database. Recently, many software developers are willing to migrate from using relational databases to NoSQL database because of scalability, availability, and performance. The document-oriented database has challenged as to how to obtain an appropriate schema for the document-oriented database. The existing approach to migrate a relational database to a document-oriented database does not consider all the properties of the former, especially on how to handle various types of relationships. This research proposed a flexible schema for a document-oriented database (SDOD). This study evaluated the development of agility based on the schema of a document-oriented database and query execution time. The evaluation verifies the reliability of the proposed schema.


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