Business Intelligence Process Model Revisited

Pasi Hellsten, Jussi Myllärniemi


Today many organizations have come to value knowledge as a production factor. Thus, there is a constant need for getting the information in and sorted. Business intelligence (BI) is a process for systematic acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating data and information from various sources to gain understanding about the business’s environment. This is required for supporting decisions for achieving organization’s business objectives. Literature has introduced models for planning and executing BI. However, as business environments and technologies evolve in a rapid pace, are the models still applicable? Not all recent issues are taken into consideration in the previous models. BI is considered to be integrated into business processes, so the similar evolution is expected to take place. There are two studies investigating BI instigating this study, but there are still questions to be answered. Literature on different models and findings of these studies were combined to form a vision to better match reality. Various issues like users’ active involvement, real-time analysis and presentation, and social media resources were brought up. Practitioners can use the approach to assess their current state of BI activities or planning the organization of BI program.


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