Tacit Knowledge Transfer: Information Technology Usage in Universities

Ritesh Chugh


The importance of transferring tacit knowledge transfer is acknowledged in the literature, but the usage of information technology for tacit knowledge transfer is not well researched. Through a mixed methods approach, employing an online questionnaire and interviews, this study explored the perceptions of university academic staff with regards to information technology usage, specifically relating to the transfer of tacit knowledge. The study found a lack of specific tacit knowledge transfer technologies but relatively high use of communication tools, a need for training on the use of new information technology was identified and academic staff are generally quick to adapt to information technology. However, there appeared to be a lack of confidence in information technology for the transfer of tacit knowledge and staff willingness to use technology for sharing tacit knowledge was not high, exhibiting uncertainty. This study contributes to a better understanding of the usage of information technology for tacit knowledge transfer and its adaptability by university academics. The results of this study may stimulate future research by addressing sample size limitation and replication in a different organisational setting.


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