CMS-oriented Modeling Languages: An Attempt to Assist Model-driven Development in CMS Domain

Vassiliki Gkantouna, Giannis Tzimas


Nowadays, Content Management Systems (CMSs) are widely used as the underlying development platform for building complex Web applications. However, despite their widespread use, existing MDWE methodologies have focused mainly on traditional Web applications, and thus, they cannot support the model-driven development of CMS-based Web applications. Given that MDWE methodologies are driven by the expressiveness of the modeling languages which are being used within their context, the failure of the existing MDWE methodologies to support the automated development of CMS-based Web application is probably caused by the absence of modeling languages able to capture the particular development context of CMS platforms. To address this problem, we propose a new genre of modeling languages, called CMS-oriented modeling languages, which are particularly defined over the specific development context of CMS platforms. We provide a general framework to support their definition in three main stages, involving the analysis of the target CMS platform, the creation of its domain model and the formal definition of the CMS-oriented modeling language. In this way, the proposed framework supports the definition of CMS-oriented modeling languages, which can lay the foundation for the development of MDWE methodologies for CMS-based Web applications, thus enabling model-driven development in CMS domain.


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