Distributed Data Validation for a Key-value Store in a Decentralized Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Benedikt Kirpes, Micha Roon, Christopher Burgahn


The mobility sector experiences a fundamental shift to more connected, autonomous, shared and electric means of transportation. For an electric mobility system to function, an efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging network is required. The Open Charging Network, which is built and curated by the Share&Charge Foundation is a digital, open and decentralized infrastructure for operating and connecting assets of the e-mobility ecosystem like charge points and electric vehicles. In such a network validity and consistency of data are crucial. Since the underlying information system is designed based on distributed ledger technologies and distributed hash tables, also the validation of data for the respective key-value store should be implemented and executed in a distributed manner. In this paper, we contribute to the body of research by analyzing the current situation in distributed systems and presenting the design and development of a mechanism for a distributed data validation. We provide an outlook into the future implementation within the Open Charging Network, where the solution will be demonstrated in a suitable context. Further it will be evaluated regarding the primary requirement of data validity and secondary requirements such as availability, reliability and scalability.


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