Interpreting the Results from the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) using Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA)

Andreas Hinderks, Anna-Lena Meiners, Francisco Mayo, Jörg Thomaschewski


User Experience Questionnaire is a common and valid method to measure the User Experience (UX) for a product or service. In recent years, these questionnaires have established themselves to measure various aspects of UX. In addition to the questionnaire, an evaluation tool is usually offered so that the results of a study can be evaluated in the light of the questionnaire. As a rule, the evaluation consists of preparing the data and comparing it with a benchmark. Often this interpretation of the data is not sufficient as it only evaluates the current User Experience. However, it is desirable to determine exactly where there is a need for action. In our article we present an approach that evaluates the results from the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) using the importance-performance analysis (IPA). The aim is to create another possibility to interpret the results of the UEQ and to derive recommendations for action from them. In a first study with 219 participants, we validated the approach presented with YouTube and WhatsApp. The results show that the IPA provides additional insights from which further recommendations for action can be derived.


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